I'm a senior branding and packaging designer and all round creative. Currently freelancing from Melbourne, with my faithful pup/sidekick, Flo, I love collaborating with clients to create designs that are dynamic and engaging. I believe that good design isn't about settling, it's about pushing the concept.. The best solution tends to lie just outside your comfort zone.


Currently freelancing, I'm a former Senior Designer at Squad Ink and Smack Bang Designs with a Bachelor of Design from Swinburne/Billy Blue and ten years industry experience. I'm an absolute type nerd and a stickler for spacing and details.. there's also the small matter of my undying love for plants and the casual sequin. I'm currently working on a range of branding and packaging projects for clients across Australia and international.

I am... a perfectionist. The token studio redhead. Likely to follow you down the street so I can love your dog.

I am not... beige. Good at telling jokes (I get lost well before the punch line). Very smooth.

For the full nitty gritty, please swing by my Linkedin or for something more casual, have a snoop of my instagram here and here.